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    As a former Deputy District Attorney for the Child Support Division, Ronn Bisbee has been devoted to enforcing child & spousal support orders for over 20 years now. He has firmly established himself as a prominent child and spousal support enforcement support attorney who is not afraid to aggressively litigate support matters in court, and his track record shows it.

    Ronn Bisbee has enforced thousands of child and spousal support orders, collecting millions for custodial parents across the country. His success rate enforcing child and spousal support orders is exceptionally high, having prevailed in over 99% of his cases at the California Superior Court. Ronn Bisbee is no stranger at the Appellate Court either, having one prominent judge reversed and an Appellate Court opinion certified for publication: Tate v. Wilburn. You can read more of his success stories here: Testimonials.

    Ronn Bisbee has the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to effectively enforce your support order, prevailing under the most difficult of circumstances, collecting on old orders (dating back to the 1960s) and in many situations where custodial parents had given up. He specializes in complex cases with large balances and non-custodial parents who have significant earnings and assets, but defiantly refuse to pay.

    Experience, Integrity, Compassion, Reliability, and Tenacity are all part of the equation for successful support enforcement. Ronn Bisbee is dedicated exclusively to enforcing support orders, he will never compromise integrity for personal gain, he appreciates and understands the struggles of a custodial parent, returns phone calls, shows up on time, and will not quit until the support money is in your hands!

    Associations & Memberships

    • California State Bar
    • Orange County Bar Association
    • Christian Legal Society
    • Alliance Defending Freedom
    • Christian Trial Lawyers Association
    • National Child Support Enforcement Association

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    Formal Education

    Ronn Bisbee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical literature from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. A Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Literature provided a valuable foundation for framing his Biblical world view where ethics, integrity, morality, and a strong work ethic are of great importance. Ronn Bisbee has integrated these values into the workplace by providing free, pro bono representation on cases involving the infringement of 1st Amendment religious liberties, the sanctity of life (at the beginning and the end), and traditional family values (living out what you read in the scriptures about traditional marriage without being fined or imprisoned).

    A Master of Arts degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Human Development from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California further contributed to Ronn’s broad-based education. “Learning to better understand the different aspects of human development has been a great tool in ascertaining how to best communicate with people on different levels of understanding. This is particularly true of custodial parents who are emotionally drained from battling a former spouse over monetary support issues. Empathy and understanding are always appreciated by custodial parents, but seldom observed in the legal community.” Understanding human behavior is also very important when dealing with (and responding to) support obligors. They must be understood, and treated with dignity and respect.

    Ronn Bisbee continued his graduate studies at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, California where he posted his Juris Doctor degree in Law, with an emphasis in Real Estate Law (complimenting his background and experience as a Mortgage Banker and Real Estate Broker). Finishing in the top third of his class, he successfully completed the California State Bar examination on first attempt and began practicing law in July of 2000.

    Community Service

    Ronn has experienced a great deal of satisfaction through giving back to his community. He has accomplished this through local churches and other charitable organizations, volunteering as a Big Brother, a mentor through the Volunteers in Parole (VIP) program (an organization that pairs attorneys with parolees who are attempting to get back on track after being released from prison), and Prison Fellowship Ministries, teaching a class aimed at providing support and education to inmates who are close to their release date at the California Institute for Men (CIM).

    Ronn also contributed to a program called “Aspire” through his local church. The program reaches out to troubled teenagers who may not fit into a traditional youth group, but need guidance, and mentoring.

    Pro bono representation is also a part of community service for Ronn Bisbee. Ronn has committed extensive hours of pro bono representation through Alliance Defending Freedom to represent individuals who are facing discrimination related to 1st Amendment religious liberties, sanctity of life issues, and traditional family values.

    Work in the Public Sector

    In August of 2001, Ronn accepted a position as a Deputy District Attorney for the Child Support Division where he began enforcing child and spousal support orders. Ronn spent a significant amount of his time in the courtroom, litigating child and spousal support matters, maintaining a caseload of over 16,000 cases. This opportunity provided invaluable experience and further developed his expertise in child and spousal support enforcement law.

    Work in the Private Sector

    Having served in the public sector for several years as a Deputy District Attorney for the Child Support Division, Ronn decided it was time to move to the private sector where support enforcement was sorely needed. Virtually no law firms were willing to do this kind of work because of the narrow profit margin and/or lack of training and expertise in this complex area of family law. When custodial parents ask family law attorneys to enforce their child or spousal support orders, they often get a blank stare and a referral to the Department of Child Support Services (“DCSS”). As with most government agencies, DCSS is run poorly. They are understaffed, unmotivated, and mostly unsuccessful in their enforcement efforts. Some of the most effective enforcement remedies are rarely used by DCSS and when they are used, they are completely wasted (i.e., reinstating a driver’s license for a $25 payment or waiving contempt counts in a plea bargain).

    Recognizing the need, Ronn Bisbee went to work enforcing support orders for custodial parents everywhere. He has experienced a great deal of success enforcing child and spousal support orders in all of the Southern California courts, in Northern California, and nationwide under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (“UIFSA”). Some of his success stories can be read right here: Testimonials

    If your frustrated with DCSS and do not know where to go to get help enforcing your support order, please do not hesitate to contact our office for a free case evaluation. Just fill out the Free Case Evaluation form, followed by the short questionnaire that will appear once submitted. We will review your information and contact you to discuss your case.

    Private Child Support Enforcement & Spousal Support Enforcement. Serving Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County. We enforce California child support orders and spousal support orders anywhere in California, and in many cases, nationwide under the the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).

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