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    RESULTS: Collected $1,000.00/mo. for 12-years. PAID IN FULL ($132,000.00). A grateful client with a moving story.

    Dear Ronn:

    I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for helping me.

    Your sensitive and caring determination enabled me to purchase chemo supplies for my son who was fighting cancer. I was also able to purchase a soft bed to ease his pain, followed by an airline ticket to be with him when he passed.

    When my son asked for his father, I remembered what you said, that children really do need a mother and a father. I realized this was important so I arranged for the father to come be with our son before he passed.

    I wanted you to know that you do make a difference. God bless you and the work you do.


    A proud mom, still grieving.

    UPDATE: July 12, 2022 Case is now paid in full.

    RESULTS: $600,000.00 lump-sum collected!

    A well-known writer-producer refused to pay my client a portion of his pension after the divorce, as ordered by the court in the Judgment of Dissolution entered in 1985. He also refused to pay the full amount of spousal support ordered for many years. As a result, a very large balance had accrued.

    The obligor was receiving a very comfortable pension and had plenty of money in the bank, but he refused to pay. I filed an Order to Show Cause to enforce the support order and equalization order, attaching plenty of incriminating evidence.

    The obligor hired a top family law firm in Los Angeles to handle the matter. Negotiations ensued with a partner at the firm. Over the course of several months (and prior to the RFO hearing), I confirmed additional assets enabling me to negotiate a settlement agreement that required the obligor to pay a lump-sum of $600,000.00 (all of which was tax-free). My 81-year-old client was very happy.  She is now secure and can finally put this nightmare behind her.

    Marjorie (Los Angeles County, California)

    RESULTS: Collected $93,989.89 from 83 year old man who refused to pay spousal support to my client, also in her eighties.

    When I took this case, I knew it was risky with an 82 year old support obligor. However, the adult son had been taking care of his mother after the father stopped paying spousal support 2 years ago and I wanted to help.

    I started by garnishing the obligor’s Social Security Income and recorded liens against his home and commercial properties. I then suggested my client assign the right to enforce her support arrearages to her son, should she pass before the judgment had been fully enforced. She did. Shortly thereafter, my client passed away. However, her son began receiving my collections as a result of the assignment. About a year later, the obligor sold his commercial property forcing a satisfaction of my support lien. The lump sum payment from Title was $79,868.89. Combined with our withholdings, we collected $93,989.89 within one year. Paid in full on 07/15/2022.

    RESULTS: Enforced $2.5 million dollar child & spousal support orders against high profile Michael Avenatti (now in prison).

    I accepted this case despite the fact Mr. Avenatti was being criminally prosecuted by US Attorneys in NY and LA for extortion (the Nike case) and numerous civil matters.

    I immediately secured liens against over $1 million in attorney fees Avenatti was entitled to receive in a class action lawsuit. I also secured liens against his attorney fees in other cases as well. I levied on his art collection and had it liquidated at a public auction. I filed a civil contempt matter forcing Mr. Avenatti to fly to Orange County to be arraigned and select a trial date which could have resulted in his incarceration.

    In the interim, Mr. Aventti hired a prominent Orange County Family Law attorney who sought to set aside the underlying support orders based on several defects in the support order that was obtained by my client’s previous attorney. I defended the support order, despite the stellar work of opposing counsel, and prevailed. Motion to set aside denied for all the reasons stated in my brief. I did this work without pay, to be reimbursed after I collected.

    Avenatti had retained a muti-million dollar settlement from his quadriplegic client’s case and bought a Honda Jet that was awarded to my client in family court. Unfortunately for my client, the US Attorney cited a code section that invalidated the purchase because the money used to purchase the jet was acquired by fraud. Creditors were swarming as all the fraud started to bubble to the surface.

    Unfortunately, my client refused to follow instructions, became unruly, and eventually refused to communicate, putting her faith in Avenatti’s promises rather than continuing to trust me to enforce her support order. Unable to effectively represent my client, I asked the Court to be relieved as counsel. The Judge understood and granted my request.

    I wish I had a large collection to report but I cannot prevail when my hands are tied by my own client. I’m just glad I was able to walk away from $2.5 million in support collections, realizing money will not buy happiness, but peace of mind is priceless.

    RESULTS: Collected $100,000.00 lump-sum through a Support Lien we recorded over 10 years ago!

    In this interstate enforcement case, the non-custodial father owed a boatload of support arrearages. We registered the Minnesota order into San Diego County for enforcement. We also secured a support lien against his home back in 2009. The Support Obligor needed to do a cash-out refinance which forced him to contend with our support lien. We worked very hard with the lender to remedy several problems that allowed us to fund the loan and collect $100,000.00. The client was thrilled!

    Beth (Minnesota order, Obligor in San Diego, Client in Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

    RESULTS: Collected $172,984 plus an additional $25,000 for the adult child’s college tuition.

    My client had a Smith-Ostler order that required the support obligor to pay a percentage of bonuses and earnings received over a designated amount. The obligor had paid the base child support order but ignored the Smith-Ostler order for over 14 years, accumulating a large, but unknown balance. I secured a support lien against his home and his rental unit. The rental unit sold and the proceeds were deposited into my Attorney-Client Trust account. After receiving unwarranted and abusive discovery from opposing counsel, I prepared a request for a protective order to prevent my client from being harassed and intimidated into closing her case. However, we entered into negotiations which led to a withdrawal of all discovery and retention of all money collected. I also negotiated an extra $25,000 for my client’s daughter’s college tuition!
    The custodial mother was a wonderful client who regularly expressed her gratitude for what I had been accomplishing.


    Thank you soooooooo much :-). It feels so awesome to finally have closure on this. When my mom found your name online, I read your testimonials, which gave me hope. I am so grateful for your help. You were so quick to answer any questions or concerns and didn’t leave me hanging in the dark. If I had to hire an attorney & pay hourly, I couldn’t have done it. (Especially since my ex could afford to keep outspend me and litigate without end, dragging things out forever as he had done in the past. Your fee was worth every penny and more. You were worth it! You didn’t bombard me with the back & forth between his attorney & you, which saved me so much stress. You were professional the whole time and you sincerely cared about me. Your job can’t be easy, but must be rewarding! I never would have received any of the money if it wasn’t for you. Thank you!!!!

    God bless you.

    M.E. (Orange County)

    Email update:
    Hi Ronn.

    I hope all is well.   I just had to say Thank You again…  I made an offer on a condo to use as a rental and it was accepted yesterday!   I never could’ve done that without your help enforcing my support order to collect what was owed.   Now I feel great knowing both of my girls will both always have a home.  Thank you!!!!!

    RESULTS: Collected $58,120.62 lump-sum from a deceased non-custodial father.

    Sometimes, it is worth the wait! I secured a lien against the non-custodial father’s real property in Southern California on October 5, 2010. He owned the property free and clear but refused to pay a dime and he was otherwise judgment-proof. For certain reasons, my client chose not to foreclose on the property. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before we collected. The non-custodial father passed away with a Trust in place but a probate case had to be opened. I filed a creditor’s claim against the estate in probate court (in addition to already having the lien on the real property which was an asset of the estate). The non-custodial father’s probate attorney passed away in the middle of probate. Shortly thereafter, the Trustee hired another firm who quickly realized that the lien had to be satisfied to free up the title to the real property so they could administer the estate. Although it had been about 4 1/2 years since we secured the lien, the custodial mother was thrilled when we collected $58,120.62. It was worth the wait because interest continued to accrue on the balance owed at the rate of 9% per annum.

    Toni (San Bernardino County, California/Illinois order)

    RESULTS: “Grateful I chose Bisbee Law Group” – $22,500 Money Judgment Collected on a 1995 Support Order.

    I was pleased to discover that Ronn Bisbee possesses that rare combination of being tenacious in legal matters as well as being a genuinely caring human being. He educated me on every step of the process and carefully listened to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Ronn Bisbee as a man of integrity and an attorney who will fight for justice.

    Cathy (Ventura County, California)

    RESULTS: “Thank you note from Support Obligor Against Whom I collected!”

    Dear Ronn:

    I am writing as the non-custodial father against whom you were enforcing a support order. At the end of this ordeal, you told me it was a pleasure working with me. It’s difficult to believe that I got the same feeling while working with as well. Most people who get sued don’t get to even contact the opposing lawyer. You were and still are a really good person first. Once you discovered that your client had committed fraud and disappeared, you were quick to make things right. You reached out to explain what happened and what we needed to do to make things right, following through with everything until the very end. Even then, you took the time to get a court order reflecting the truth that I was finally paid in full. You were respectful and cared very much about getting to the truth and making things right even though it required you to pay money out of your own pocket.

    Thank you for the knowledge and support in dealing with this case. I wish you all the best as well.

    Kirk (San Diego County)

    RESULTS: $30,000.00 lump-sum collected from an 80-year-old man on 1973 child support order!

    The father abandoned the mother and her three children, draining the bank accounts and absconding with the family car. After whoring around for thirty years, spending all his money on himself and neglecting his former wife and three children, we brought this 80-year-old man to justice. After garnishing his CalPERS retirement account, he agreed to pay a lump-sum of $30,000.00 to settle the case. The time required to enforce this order was relatively short and the client was very happy.

    Patricia (Los Angeles)

    RESULTS: GUILTY! 35 counts of contempt! $50,000.00 lump-sum collected!

    Filed contempt action and litigated matter in a 2-day trial (5 court appearances). The support obligor was found guilty of 35 counts of contempt. While the sentencing hearing was pending, we negotiated lump-sum payment of $50,000.00 plus the transfer of title to SUV to the custodial mother.

    Debbie (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: $50,000 lump-sum collected on a 1977 child support order!

    The non-custodial father never paid as ordered by the court. The children are now in their forties. We came into the case to enforce the child support order after years of unsuccessful attempts to enforce by the DA’s Office and the client. We recorded a support lien against the father’s interest in a Trust after his mother had passed away. Expert negotiations combined with the right enforcement remedy compelled the father to pay a lump-sum of $50,000.00. The entire case from start to finish took less than four months. Our client was extremely happy. Child support is non-taxable income, which makes these settlements all the better.

    Pat (San Diego County, California)

    RESULTS: $27,000 lump-sum collected on a 1978 child support order!

    A custodial mother contacted my office from Texas about enforcing her 1978 Ventura County child and spousal support orders. The father had long ago abandoned her and the children (all three children are now in their forties) and never paid a dime of spousal or child support. The father had become a quadriplegic from an auto accident several years ago. Last year, he filed a lawsuit against a golf course in Florida, claiming personal injury. After a year of litigation, the case settled. The custodial mother did not know much about the personal injury settlement or the case details, but I agreed to take her case anyway. The very next day I located the case and the attorneys of record and served a support lien on both attorneys to secure the father’s settlement money. I filed a “Request for Order” in Ventura County, where the original support order had been entered. One day before the hearing, we reached a settlement agreement that required a lump-sum payment of $27,000.00. Although my client had serious doubt about whether I could successfully enforce her 36-year-old support order under these circumstances, we did it! She was very grateful.

    Dear Ronn,
    I cannot put into words how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. I was ready to give up but you just kept on plugging away and did not quit. Your hard work and persistence should be commended. Sometimes in life, we’re blessed to meet those special people who touch our lives in such a way that makes us so grateful to have known them. How lucky I feel to have worked with you and how lucky for those who will soon get to do the same!

    God bless you and may you ALWAYS win!

    Phyllis (Brazoria County, Texas)

    RESULTS: $84,070.00 lump-sum collected!

    Implemented a support lien against non-custodial parent’s interest in a probate case in Idaho and compelled lump-sum payment of $84,070.00.

    Attorney Ronn Bisbee is the most outstanding attorney that I have had the pleasure of doing business with.

    I have spent many hours and lots of money trying to enforce court-ordered child support with no success. When I found out about Ronn Bisbee my children were well into adulthood and I thought that it was too late to collect child support. The first contact with Ronn Bisbee answered all my questions. He assured me that I could collect the support and that interest would be attached. I was nervous about revisiting the collection of child support because I did not want to bring up the feelings of frustration and anger and the possibility of dealing with defeat again. My fears were replaced with confidence in Ronn.

    Ronn Bisbee handled my case with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Every doubt and fear quickly melted away and the process became exciting and at times funny. My faith in Ronn’s abilities grew with each step. When my children’s dad realized that Ronn was serious and a strong force to be reckoned with he gave up and paid all the money owed amounting to $84,070.00.

    Thank you, Ronn for helping me and my children finally collect.

    God bless you!


    Jane (Orange County, California; Ada County Idaho; North Carolina)

    RESULTS: $83,620.16 money judgment, plus attorney fee award; $750/mo. payments until paid in full.

    I hired Ronn more than 3 years ago to enforce my spousal support order. I had previously retained 2 other attorneys but had no success.

    I had a very difficult case .My ex-husband defaulted on his alimony payments for over 23 years. I had a court awarded judgment for alimony support from 1987 which was not paid.

    Ronn Bisbee, Esq. is very professional, organized and prepared. He spent time with me going through all the documents and history, making every step very clear. I was not rushed and felt that he really listened to me. Not only was I owed the unpaid alimony, but 23 years of interest was also added on to the court award.

    Ronn advised me prior to our court date and in the courtroom. I find him to be compassionate, thorough, prepared, and extremely efficient.

    He is certainly strong in the courtroom, I was so thankful that he was by my side. We won the case. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    He remains in my life today as my attorney and a wonderful human being.

    Irena (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: GUILTY! 24 counts of contempt! Respondent sentenced 120 days in jail, 2,640 hours of community service and probationary terms for payment of support arrearages.

    Filed a contempt action against a guy who had just been convicted of elder abuse in San Diego County. The District Attorney’s Office obtained an order requiring him to pay a lot of money in restitution to the victims. At the conclusion of our contempt trial, the court found the Respondent guilty of 24 counts of contempt. At the sentencing hearing, the judge sentenced him to 120 days in jail plus ordered him to complete 2,640 hours of community service. After he was sentenced, the Respondent agreed to pay $5,000.00 toward the arrearages followed by another $13,000.00 over the next 6 months to avoid a revocation of his probation that would have sent him to jail to serve his sentence. I was able to collect all the support money in full before the DA’s Office was able to collect a dime in restitution. I certainly felt bad for the victims but my client had a minor-child she needed to support.

    Gabrielle (San Diego County, California)

    RESULTS: Collected $165,323.71 by intercepting the obligor’s quarterly investment distributions.

    This was a California spousal support order. My client moved to Mexico and the obligor moved to Asia (living in various places, moving from time to time). The obligor owed over $186,000 in arrearages when his current spousal support order terminated on the date my client remarried. The obligor had retired but was not yet drawing anything from his 401k (I had placed a lien on it and he did not need the money). However, he was receiving quarterly distributions from some investments he made in the hotel industry. I secured a withholding order against the investments and began collecting support from his quarterly distributions. I collected $165,323.71 and will continue collecting until we’ve collected another $78,102.71. Once again, it has been worth the wait with interest continuing to accrue on the balance at the rate of 10% per annum.

    V.A. (Mexico/Alameda County Order)

    RESULTS: $80,000.00 lump-sum collected!

    I want to share my appreciation for all of your assistance in helping me to obtain my back child support. I took some bad advice from a legal services company which cost me money and a lot of time. My case was dismissed in court because of the statute of limitations. I almost gave up when we had contacted Ronn who identified the court’s error.

    Bisbee Law Group handled my case from start to finish with minimal involvement on my part. I appreciate that Ronn understood and believes that child support is a parent’s right. He prevailed in his efforts to enforce my order.

    I highly recommend Bisbee Law Group to anyone who is having difficulty in obtaining their court-ordered child support, even if a great deal of time has gone by such was my case.

    Thank you again for everything!

    Anna (Nevada)

    RESULTS: $50,000.00 lump-sum collected!

    I want to thank you for the amazing job you have done in helping to collect my back child support. I had tried for years to collect what was owed and ran into the problem that my child support case was closed. According to the courts, the case had been closed because my ex had signed a document saying his obligation for child support had been met when in fact it had not.

    I exhausted every effort with the State of California judicial system and was feeling so frustrated. I was constantly running around in circles trying to find out what information I needed to provide and the court services representative in California kept telling me since I was no longer a resident of the state there wasn’t much I could do, even though my child support order was issued in the County of San Diego while I was on Active Duty. Since leaving Military Service, I moved to Mississippi and this made my efforts even more difficult.

    I was referred to you, and since our first conversation, I was totally confident that I was finally on the right track to settling this issue. I appreciate the prompt action you took in filing all the necessary documentation with the courts and for always keeping me informed about where we stood in the case. Although I know you had other clients, you made me feel as if my case was your top priority and that you had my best interest at heart.

    I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of collecting back child support. Your knowledge, professionalism, and concern for the interest in your client’s situation, is what has impressed me the most. You accomplished what I was told couldn’t be done. You are an amazing attorney!! I will always be grateful for all the hard work you have done on my behalf.


    Vivian (Mississippi, San Diego County, California order)

    RESULTS: Collected in less than 1 month!

    My ex’s attorney sent me a notice for a hearing to determine that he owed me no support arrearages, when in fact he owed me over $36,000.00, not including interest. I knew he had recently sued the federal government and hoped to collect some support if he won the lawsuit. But, his attorney told me that the case was dismissed and that they were paid no money. Well, it was dismissed alright, but only after the defendant paid my ex a bunch of money as part of a settlement agreement.

    After reading some of the Testimonials, I decided to hire Bisbee Law Group to enforce my support order. The contract was in plain English and easy to read. Ronn Bisbee was a pleasure to work and amazingly fast. He started to work on my case almost immediately and brought it to a resolution in less than one month. I live in another state and we did not even have to go to court. He held the other attorney accountable and made the collection. It was empowering to have an experienced and aggressive attorney fighting for me without having to pay a retainer fee upfront. Although we were not able to collect the entire amount owed, I was more than happy about the representation I received and the price I paid for it.

    Thank you, Ronn!


    Carol (Utah, Tulare County, California order)

    RESULTS: $80,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    The custodial mother came to my office with a 1995 support order. I calculated a balance of almost $140,000.00 including interest.

    I filed a support lien against the father’s interest in a Family Trust. The Trustee went to Vegas and gambled away over $1 million dollars from the Trust. The Trustee was criminally prosecuted and now sits in federal prison. Fortunately, there was still real property left in the Trust.

    The subject property finally sold. There were discrepancies in prior family support orders, so my client agreed to settle for a lump-sum payment of $80,000.00, which I collected from the proceeds of the sale.

    Laurie (Riverside County, California)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected after receiving monthly payments for several years.

    I had been collecting monthly payments of support for my client for several years when the obligor lost his job. I negotiated a settlement agreement and received a lump-sum payment of $20,000.00 for my client to satisfy the balance owed in full.

    Susan (Vermont)

    RESULTS: $86,000.00 collected!

    Respondent failed to pay support as ordered, leaving a balance of over $80,000.00. I secured liens against valuable lake-front property.

    The obligor hired an attorney and filed an action to set aside the support order, claiming that he was not the father of his 12-year-old boy. The motion would have been dismissed, but it was never litigated.

    A global settlement was reached whereby the obligor sold some properties to pay the support balance. The obligor also deeded one of the properties to the custodial mother. This was a very contentious case with many problems, but the order was successfully enforced.

    Brenda (Colorado)

    RESULTS: [PUBLISHED APPELLATE OPINION] $38,000.00 Collected from Non-Biological Father who thought he was Dad, but refused to pay a dime in support for over 17 years.

    Over the course of five years, we prevailed on every single claim at every level of the courts. We prevailed on two appeals, one California Supreme Court review, a Writ filed with the United States Supreme Court, and a $1.3 million dollar civil lawsuit filed against my client (dismissed).

    After a noncustodial father refused to pay his child support order for over 17 years, his mother passed away and named him as a Beneficiary to her Trust. I filed a lien against his interest in the Trust to enforce his delinquent child support order.

    The father filed a motion in family court requesting that his 1991 child support order be set aside because he claimed he was never served with process and never knew about it. His motion was denied because he not only knew about it, he filed an Order to Show Cause to modify the order back in 1991 when it was entered, but failed to appear for his own hearing. I guess he forgot about this.

    The father then sought a DNA test on his 21-year-old daughter which revealed that he was not the biological father. However, he was the father as a matter of law as he held himself out as the father, never requested a DNA test, and was now estopped under the law from denying paternity. The court denied his request to set aside as required by law. He then filed a motion for reconsideration which the court also denied.

    The father then filed an appeal. I further researched the issues and drafted a lengthy and compelling appellate brief, which can be reviewed here: Tate v. Wilburn Appellate Brief.

    I appeared at the appellate court in downtown San Diego for oral arguments. All three appellate judges agreed with my appellate brief, even citing some of my brief, verbatim. Not only was the filing untimely, but it also lacked any merit whatsoever because the trial court had followed the statutory law. The appellate court denied the appeal and published the first 8 pages of the 23-page opinion, which can be read here: Tate v. Wilburn.

    The father then asked the California Supreme Court to review the appellate ruling, but they denied the review.

    The father filed a Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court, asking them to review the appellate opinion. The request was denied by Justice Kennedy.

    Unhappy with the result, the father decided to file a civil lawsuit against my client asking for $1.8 million in damages. I briefed the matter and the court granted my request to dismiss the action.

    Seeing that the father had exercised every available opportunity to challenge the support lien, the probate judge ordered the Executor to release Mr. Wilburn’s interest to Bisbee Law Group to satisfy the child support lien against him. Believe it or not, the father filed another appeal. The Appellate Court denied this appeal.

    In the end, the Executor (who was the support obligor’s sister) refused to release the money. Consequently, the court sanctioned the Executor and the bond company paid the amount that was supposed to be paid.

    The case involved extensive litigation over the course of several years. Although appellate work is generally not included within the scope of enforcing support orders at Bisbee Law Group. However, I will handle appellate work when necessary and sometimes advance the costs when the case is likely to prevail.

    Cathy (Texas)

    RESULTS: $100,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    To: Bisbee Law Group

    Re: The only light at the end of my tunnel.

    Thirteen years ago, my husband of 15 years filed for divorce. We had two girls, eight and nine. We had a successful funeral business, a duplex, and a 5,000 square foot historical home. When we went through arbitration, the non-custodial father got the business and homes and I settled for my share of the money (money which never came); not alimony, not child support, nothing. We went through the DA and eventually had all of his licenses taken away, and even went so far as to have him jailed as a dead beat dad, but nothing worked. In order to not pay me or care for his daughters, the father signed everything over to other people and refused to work. He gave up everything (except his house).

    Out of sheer frustration at the inefficiency of our legal system, I sought the help of Bisbee Law Group, hoping to collect something from my ex-husband. His family had spent a great deal of time covering up his assets, so they were of little help. The only person who seemed capable of getting blood from this turnip was Ronn Bisbee.

    Ronn took over, did his research, spoke with family members, and did the one thing no one else thought to do; he put a lien on the non-custodial father’s house. He told me to be patient, and that the arrears would never really go away. He assured me he had it handled and that when the time came, he would be on it like a dog on the proverbial bone. He wasn’t kidding.

    Almost two years after Bisbee Law Group began enforcing my order, the patience paid off. When the non-custodial father went to sell his house, there was my lien, right at the top of the pile of creditors. The moment the title was signed, Ronn gave me the good news–that the check was on its way! To my disbelief, Bisbee Law Group had done something nobody had been able to do!

    Now I had the means to help my daughters, both struggling college students, to finish their degrees without having to take out any more student loans. I was able to get out from under the blanket of debt the divorce put me in over a decade ago. Without student loans and recurring debt issues, my daughters, now twenty and twenty-one, can graduate without being under their own mountain of debt created by a man who cared more about his methamphetamine addiction than he did their education. Bisbee Law Group has been instrumental in finally opening the doors to financial freedom and letting us move forward free of divorce debt.

    I strongly recommend Bisbee Law Group to anyone who is dissatisfied with the ineptness and bureaucracy of government enforcement agencies.
    Ronn was kind, thoughtful, and are interested in doing the right thing, always. When the DA’s Office could not help me, Bisbee Law Group did. I can’t thank Ronn enough for his time and energy, and tenacity in seeing this through to a very happy ending!

    Lori (Lane County, Oregon)

    RESULTS: $61,510.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Enforced support order against Trust to collect lump-sum payment of $61,510.00.

    I am writing to thank Bisbee Law Group for making my experience collecting past-due support virtually effortless.

    Ronn was very knowledgeable about support enforcement law and gave me the assurance that I needed to get through what I thought would be a long process.

    I was very pleased to see that after being divorced over 15 years (my children are now young adults), Bisbee Law Group was still able to successfully enforce my support order. They went beyond my expectations and brought my case to a successful end by collecting $61,510.00 in past-due support.

    Most attorneys would have given up on my case, but Ronn persisted with tenacity. Ronn was very courteous, professional, and he was a pleasure to work with. I always felt Ronn was truly working for me!

    I recommend Bisbee Law Group to any parent who wants to enforce a support order quickly and effectively.

    Thank you so much for getting this done so fast!

    Steve (Washington)

    RESULTS: GUILTY! 13 counts of contempt!

    Ordered to liquidate arrears + 3 yrs. probation. 3-day court trial (6 court appearances). Must comply with all terms of probation or go to jail for 25 days, straight term!

    Michelle (Riverside County, California)

    RESULTS: $265,915.85 paid toward college tuition.

    Negotiated Stipulation and Order that required the noncustodial parent to pay four years of university tuition for adult minor-child to satisfy support debt of $265,915.85.

    Dawn (San Diego County, California)

    RESULTS: $85,870.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Enforced support order against pension plan to compel lump-sum payment of $85,870.00

    Rosalie (Los Angeles County, California)

    RESULTS: $40,000.00 lump-sum payment for spousal support collected!

    Enforced support order against pension plan to compel lump-sum payment of $40,000.00.

    Beverly (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: $29,000.00 lump-sum + $500.00 per month for 48 mos. collected!

    This case was a very contentious family law matter that had robbed the parties of tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees from the previous attorney with no satisfactory results. The obligor, a successful dentist in Orange County, was hiding money with his accountant and my client had significant obstacles holding him accountable for these earnings. This was a very contentious case with an attorney on the other side who refused to communicate.

    There were some problems with the underlying support order, but I believe I could have overcome these issues at trial. Nonetheless, we settled the case. The obligor agreed to pay $10,500.00 upfront, plus $3,000 per month. I continue to collect monthly payments on this order.

    Ami (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: Collected additional $12,200.00 after violation of probation.

    The non-custodial father was found in contempt of court during a contempt trial I litigated about 1 1/2 years ago. Under the terms of the 3-year probation, he was ordered to pay $12,500.00 forthwith, and then comply with the order for current support and arrearages over the next three years or be remanded for incarceration. The obligor failed to comply with the terms of probation. I provided a notice of intent to revoke his probation and demanded payment of the amount he should have paid ($12,200.00), which is over and above the amount he actually paid ($23,700.00) over the past 1 1/2 years. The obligor hired a new attorney (wise move) and made the payment to avoid incarceration. The mother was very happy to see the justice system working the way it should, which was not the case before I started enforcing her order about two years ago. The mother has two minor children, which made this collection all the more important. The obligor, on the other hand, keeps having babies with his new wife at the expense of his first two children with my client. He now has three new children with his current wife.

    Karen (Los Angeles County, California)

    RESULTS: $15,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    You’ve accomplished something no other lawyer could accomplish and you did it without requiring any money upfront.

    I am so grateful for everything you have done on my behalf—including the check! The world could use more people like you. I am glad you will be there for all the women in this world who need your expertise and caring hearts so they can finally get what is rightfully theirs.

    Thank You!

    With Love, Carol Sue (New York and California)

    RESULTS: $19,816.31 lump-sum payment collected!

    “To say that I am happy with the services of Ronn Bisbee would be an understatement. My California child support order was almost 30 years old and my ex-husband still owed over $13,000 in arrearages.

    Both my ex-husband and I have long since moved out of California to different states. The county child support division in California had advised me that they would not pursue collection activity due to the age of the judgment and the out of state residency of the two parties. Several attorneys and collection services had turned down my requests to pursue collection activity because they considered the child support to be “un-collectible.”

    By the time I contacted Ronn, I thought I was out of options. Within 4 months of retaining him, my ex-husband, who spent 30 years avoiding paying his child support obligation, had not only paid the $13,000 principal balance in full but also paid interest fees of almost $7,000 as well.

    Ronn did an amazing job at collecting this “uncollectable” debt. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Sharon (Alameda County, California; Texas, Idaho)

    RESULTS: $23,538.54 lump-sum payment collected!

    Obtained withholding order and began to liquidate support arrearages. Litigated matter in court and negotiated settlement agreement requiring payment of $23,538.54.

    Marita (Riverside County, California)

    RESULTS: $28,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Husband filed a Request for Order (RFO) to terminate his spousal support order. We propounded extensive discovery on him, gathering evidence to support a contempt action. We then negotiated his RFO off calendar and compelled a lump-sum payment of $28,000.00 to satisfy support arrearages in full.

    Thank you so much for handling my spousal support case.

    I had spent countless hours with various agencies and places I found on the Internet, all of which led to a dead end.

    I had a court order from Riverside County that ordered my former husband to pay spousal support. However, when he moved to Arkansas with his girlfriend, he quit making the monthly payments.

    For several years my efforts to enforce the order were all in vain. I finally found a collection agency through a friend. I thought “here we go again” (I never expected any results). The collection agency referred me to your law office.

    From the “get-go,” you showed a genuine interest in my case. Within a couple of months, you were able to negotiate a settlement agreement with my former husband, requiring him to pay me $28,000.00.

    Although I had lost all hope of ever seeing a dime. I can certainly say that you did a TERRIFIC job enforcing my spousal support order.

    Thank you!

    Karen (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: $100,000.00 money judgment + monthly payments to liquidate.

    Filed contempt action, negotiated a money judgment for $100,000.00 with monthly payments to liquidate the balance owed and strong default provisions to compel performance.

    Bisbee Law Group gave me a chance to breathe again. I was finally able to relax for the first time in years which enabled me to focus on my family.

    I was very impressed that Ronn immediately understood my case, acted quickly, and had compassion throughout the entire process. His precise actions put a stop to the endless cycle of dragging things out. His combined experience regarding support matters, along with his ability to focus on taking action, created immediate results.

    Finding Ronn was definitely a huge blessing.


    Joni (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: $14,000.0 lump-sum payment collected!

    Implemented a support lien against non-custodial parent’s interest in a probate case, entered into negotiations, and compelled lump-sum payment of $14,000.00.

    Patricia (San Mateo County, California)

    RESULTS: $191,484.00 money judgment + monthly payments to liquidate.

    Litigated support arrearages in court to obtain a money judgment for $191,484.00 to be liquidated with monthly payments.

    Katrina (Marin County, California)

    RESULTS: $15,153.42 lump-sum payment collected!

    Roberta (Indiana)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Litigated matter in court and negotiated lump-sum payment of $20,000.00 in support arrearages.

    I have a hard time expressing how pleased and excited I am at the outcome of my child support case. Many years went by without having any success enforcing my support order. However, after all those years, Bisbee Law Group was able to do what no other attorney or agency could do. He compelled the father to make a lump sum payment of $20,000.00 to pay my child support arrearages.

    When litigation became necessary, Mr. Bisbee prepared the legal documents for court, providing all the statutes and case law to enforce my support order, in full. Not only did Mr. Bisbee do a great job with the legal aspect of my case, but he was also supportive, understanding, and reassuring throughout the entire process. Just when I felt like giving up, Mr. Bisbee would tell me not to give up because he knew he would be able to compel the father to pay my child support arrearages. And sure enough, he did.

    I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Mr. Bisbee and the work he does for custodial parents. I am very happy with the outcome of my case. Thank you!

    Lori (Colorado)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Ronn Bisbee was very detail-oriented and careful to get all of the facts and figures exactly right. Both the attorney and the paralegal always took the time to talk to me about what was happening with my case and answer all my questions. I felt like I could always get a response from them, even if there was nothing new to report if only “just hang in there.”

    I am extremely happy with the settlement check I received, and how quickly they were able to get it. Bisbee Law Group saved me from a prolonged battle that would have been very stressful for my family. I am very satisfied, not only because of the lump-sum payment, but also because I finally feel vindicated, like I finally collected the support the court-ordered, and I deserved.

    Thank you so much for all of your help!

    Lana (Orange County, California)

    RESULTS: $27,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Recorded support liens against properties and negotiated lump-sum settlement payment of $27,000.00.

    I am a victim of domestic violence. I was too scared to fight for my support for my children. The first phone call I had with Ronn encouraged me enough to go forward with him as my attorney. I have had no child support since 1996 and I never thought I would. Working with Ronn for the past two years, with his expertise in the field, he was able to obtain $27,000 for my kids

    Ronn conquered the battle of my ex and I living in different states. Ronn had to deal with my ex who had changed his own name in order to hide from other collectors; job jumped and even threatened my kids. I am still in awe that we won. But more than “winning” Ronn really cared about me and how I was doing emotionally. I will never be able to express how thankful I am.

    My kids are so thankful that they will be able to continue with their education with a little less burden. This two-year experience was extremely hard for me emotionally. I would like you to know, that without the emotional support and kindness I received I would not have gotten through it.

    However, I was always kept informed of where we were in the process. Whenever I would call Ronn, day or night, he always responded to me right away. I am still amazed that Ronn was able to help us. I would recommend Ronn to everyone who is owed child support. I will always think of Ronn as more than my Attorney, but also as a friend.

    Karen D. (Maricopa County, Arizona; Iowa)

    RESULTS: $30,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Negotiated lump-sum payment of $30,000.00 in support arrearages after recording a lien, serving an Income Withholding Order for 50% of earnings, and litigating in court.

    Barbara (San Bernardino County & Tulare County, California; Illinois)

    RESULTS: GUILTY! 20 counts of contempt!

    $14,500.00 lump-sum paid at the conclusion of the trial. Collecting current support order, plus a balance of $123,000.00 in regular monthly installments.

    Karen (Los Angeles, California)

    RESULTS: $32,000.00 paid through withholding order.

    Collected over $32,000.00 in support arrearages pursuant to a contempt action filed in court.

    Kristina (Riverside County, California; Alabama)

    RESULTS: $35,000.00 lump-sum collected!

    Obligor was a successful Realtor in the Valley. His face was plastered all over the city, advertising on billboards, park benches, and in elevators. He was a big producer for the real estate firm but refused to pay support as ordered.

    I filed a contempt action and had him arraigned in court. He hired an attorney and settlement negotiations ensured.

    In exchange for taking the contempt matter of calendar, the obligor agreed to pay a lump sum of $35,000.00 plus monthly payments.

    Elza (Los Angeles County, California)

    RESULTS: $16,850.00 lump sum payment collected!

    MaryAnn (California)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment + monthly payments to liquidate $40,000.00 balance.

    Negotiated $60,000.00 settlement agreement. $20,000.00 lump-sum payment, plus $950.00 per month pursuant to Income Withholding Order, until paid in full.

    Mirtha (San Bernardino County, California; Florida & Puerto Rico)

    RESULTS: $65,061.88 lump-sum payment collected!

    Obtained a money judgment for $65,061.88, and compelled payment in full within three months.

    I want to share my sincere appreciation and gratitude for all of your assistance in helping me to obtain my back child support. I had long ago given up on ever being able to collect this debt. Yet, even after 15 plus years had gone by, you were able to accomplish what no one else could. When I opened my mail and found payment in full for all outstanding child support including interest that extended back from the date of the original judgment. I was amazed (and still am amazed) as what Ronn did.

    Your firm successfully handled my case from start to finish with minimal involvement on my part. This meant a lot to me due to my full-time job and a busy lifestyle. You were always so professional, very knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I appreciate that you understand and believe in the fact that child support is a parent’s right and you are triumphant in enforcement.

    I highly recommend your firm to anyone who is having difficulty in obtaining their court-ordered child support, even if a great deal of time has gone by such was my case.

    Great job! Thank you again for everything.

    Vanessa (Riverside County, California)

    RESULTS: $30,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    I had given up all hope of ever collecting any child support. When you took my case, things started to happen. A support lien was immediately recorded on my ex-husband’s house. Minutes before the trial, Attorney Bisbee negotiated a $30,000.00 lump-sum payment from the man who never contributed any support to my now 31-year-old son. It was an amazing victory for me and my son.

    Attorney Bisbee came to every court appearance well prepared, and in my opinion, annihilated the opposing counsel. When it came to negotiations, you truly got blood out of a turnip. I could not have been in better hands.

    Donna (Riverside County, California)

    RESULTS: After extensive litigation, obtained money judgment for $166,234.67 and 55% withholding order against retirement income.

    I can never thank you enough for the brilliant work that you have done. You did not give up and you fought like a pit bull to make justice rule. I know how hard you have worked and the time you have spent. My sons and I will never forget you and your hard work.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Deanne and sons (Los Angeles County, California; Indiana)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected.

    I am writing to thank you for making my experience collecting past-due support virtually painless. The Child Support Enforcers Attorney was very knowledgeable in family law and gave me the confidence I needed to get through this tedious process. I was very pleased to see that he exhausted every avenue to collect my support.

    My case was not an easy one and in fact, had some pretty scary twists at the last minute. However, you went above and beyond the call of duty and brought my case to a successful end, negotiating a lump sum payment of $20,000.00 for past-due support. Most attorneys would have given up on my case, but you persisted.

    Thank you for all your help. I slept good last night.

    Cynthia (San Diego County, California; Washington D.C.)

    RESULTS: $106,314.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Filed a support lien against worker’s compensation award and secured a lump-sum payment of $106,314.00.

    Emily (Texas & California)

    RESULTS: Collecting on 55% withholding order.

    I just received the call telling me that the first payment will be on its way shortly. My husband is still looking for work so this money is desperately needed. Thank you so much for taking care of things promptly and efficiently. I know this line of work must be very unpleasant in a lot of ways but I hope the knowledge that you’ve provided help to people like us is of some comfort.

    Thank you again.

    MK (Vermont & California)

    RESULTS: $35,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Negotiated lump-sum payment of $35,000.00 within two months.

    Mary Jean (Minnesota & Wisconsin)

    RESULTS: $15,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Patricia (Illinois & Maine)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Naomi (Arizona & Ohio)

    RESULTS: Liquidating $40,000.00 balance through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

    Vickie (Oregon & California)

    RESULTS: $36,552.54 lump-sum payment through probate court lien.

    Rebekah (Texas & California)

    RESULTS: $38,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Martine (California & Florida)

    RESULTS: $40,000.00 lump-sum payment collected, plus currently liquidating bal. of $139,000.00 with monthly payments.

    Deanna (Arizona & California)

    RESULTS: $8,275.76 lump-sum payment collected!

    Sonja (California & Oklahoma)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Michelle (Illinois & Michigan)

    RESULTS: $45,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Marie (Texas & California)

    RESULTS: $50,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Donna (Missouri & Colorado)

    RESULTS: $7,500.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Bonnie (California)

    RESULTS: 55% withholding order currently liquidating entire balance owed.

    Elena (California)

    RESULTS: $96,000.00 money judgment.

    Negotiated a settlement agreement for a money judgment of $96,000.00. $6,000.00 paid within four-months and balance to be paid at the rate of $750.00 per month for 120 months.

    Thanks so much for your help. Every time I think you guys have given up, you jump right on top of it. This money will actually go pretty far in helping my daughter with her student loans. My daughter graduates with her bachelor’s degree in June of this year. Let me know if there is anything you need. You guys are great!

    Deaun (Hawaii & California)

    RESULTS: $20,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Gail (Iowa) Iowa

    RESULTS: $25,000.00 lump-sum payment collected!

    Carolyn (Arizona & Virginia)

    RESULTS: $20,236.51 lump-sum payment collected

    Lien filed in probate case to secure payment of $20,236.51.

    Karla (Maryland & California)

    RESULTS: $31,945.46 lump-sum payment collected!

    Obtained a money judgment for $31,945.46 to be liquidated by 55% income withholding order.

    Patricia (California)

    RESULTS: $59,247.15 money judgment + monthly payments to liquidate.

    Obtained a money judgment for $59,247.15 and withholding order to liquidate entire balance owed.

    Janay (Florida & California)

    RESULTS: $89,000.00 lump sum payment collected!

    Extensive litigation in court; negotiated a settlement agreement and $89,000.00 lump sum payment.

    Patricia (California)

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